She Wolf Leaves Mark At 2004 Olympic Games

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As expected even more proof of the She Wolf’s prehistory has come to the surface. After getting this image from the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, anyone can be sure that the danger of the She Wolf has been surrounding us for more time than we could have ever figured…

Click on the image and take a look at right side of the lake:


Many said that it only was the outcome of the connection between water and fire but we know more than that…


She Wolf Leaves Mark At Acropolis & Tourist

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This image was sent to me by a tourist who was in Greece back in 2006 with his friend (the person in the photograph) and was taking a walk by the famous sight “Acropolis” in Athens, Greece. After he/she (they sent it anonymously to me) put it on their computer the marks were apparent. The person in the photograph is claimed by my source to be promoting the spread of the She Wolf because of the mark on his hand. Nevertheless, someone could suggest that it’s only a shadow? Take a look yourself…

acropolis tracks

This image only proves the prehistory of She Wolf and its spread all over the globe, as its taken back in 2006… I can tell that there is even more proof to come…

She Wolf expected in Greece

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She Wolf has already claimed victims around the globe – She is now on it’s way to Greece.  She-Wolf  loves feasting on Man-flesh.  If  you see the below image of the She-Wolf identity anywhere… Post us back!


Details to come…